CUDA to SYCL Migration Tool and Method

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CUDA to SYCL Migration Tool and Method

SYCL is becoming a de facto standard for vendor agnostic heterogeneous computing. Upgrading CUDA code to standard C++ with SYCL makes the applications portable across a range of existing and evolving accelerators including NVidia GPUs.  The "Migrating to SYCL" portal on Intel Developer Zone is designed to help the worldwide developer community successfully port their applications to oneAPI, helping developers break free from propriety APIs and provide greater customer choice in hardware for performance, power usage and cost.

This portal currently features:

1) A step-by-step approach based off the tools provided by Intel to achieve the portability and performance goals.

2) End-to-end migrated solutions for three real world examples.

3) Migration examples from researchers and engineers across the world.

Developers are encouraged to take advantage of this portal and migrate their CUDA code to SYCL and publish on DevMesh, Intel’s community for developers and creators.