Facility Expertise

The ALCF’s world-class team of computational scientists, performance engineers, visualization experts, HPC systems administrators, and support staff helps researchers maximize their use of the facility’s supercomputing resources.

ALCF Staff

The ALCF’s talented and diverse staff make the facility one of the world’s premier centers for scientific computing.


Computational scientists with multidisciplinary domain expertise work directly with ALCF users to maximize and accelerate their research efforts. In addition, the ALCF team applies broad expertise in data science, machine learning, data visualization and analysis, and mathematics to help application teams leverage ALCF resources to pursue data-driven discoveries.

With a deep knowledge of the ALCF computing environment and experience with a wide range of numerical methods, programming models, and computational approaches, staff scientists and performance engineers help researchers optimize the performance and productivity of simulation, data, and learning applications on ALCF systems.


The ALCF team plays a key role in designing and validating the facility’s next-generation supercomputers. By collaborating with compute vendors and the performance tools community, staff members ensure the requisite programming models, tools, debuggers, and libraries are available on ALCF platforms. The team also helps manage Argonne’s Joint Laboratory for System Evaluation, which houses next-generation testbeds that enable researchers to explore and prepare for emerging computing technologies.

ALCF computer scientists, performance engineers, and software engineers develop and optimize new tools and capabilities to facilitate science on the facility’s current and future computing resources. This includes the deployment of scalable machine learning frameworks, in-situ visualization and analysis capabilities, data management services, workflow packages, and container technologies. In addition, the ALCF team is actively involved in programming language standardization efforts and contributes to cross-platform libraries to further enable the portability of HPC applications.


The ALCF’s HPC systems administrators manage and support all ALCF computing systems, ensuring users have stable, secure, and highly available resources to pursue their scientific goals. This includes the ALCF’s production supercomputers, supporting system environments, storage systems, and network infrastructure. The team’s software developers create tools to support the ALCF computing environment, including software for user account and project management, job failure analysis, and job scheduling.

User assistance specialists provide technical support to ALCF users and manage the workflows for user accounts and projects. In the business intelligence space, staff data architects assimilate and verify ALCF data to ensure accurate reporting of facility information.


ALCF staff members organize and participate in training events that prepare researchers for efficient use of leadership computing systems. They also participate in a wide variety of educational activities aimed at cultivating a diverse and skilled HPC community for the future. In addition, staff outreach efforts include facilitating partnerships with industry and communicating the impactful research enabled by ALCF resources to external audiences.