ALCF staff members and the researchers who use leadership-class systems collaborate to contribute to many forward-looking activities aimed at advancing the use of supercomputers for discovery and innovation.

Rick Stevens, Argonne’s Associate Laboratory Director

Led by Rick Stevens, Argonne’s Associate Laboratory Director for Computing, Environment and Life Sciences, the CANDLE project is using advanced computing systems, including JLSE resources, to develop a deep neural network code for cancer research.

As home to some of the world's most powerful computing resources, the ALCF breaks new ground with the development and deployment of each new supercomputer.

The unique position the ALCF occupies affords the facility an important perspective on the trends, methods, and technologies that will define the future of supercomputing.

Leveraging this knowledge and expertise, staff and users' efforts include organizing workshops and meetings on topics like quantum computing and computational neuroscience; engagement in leading user groups and conferences; and contributions to the development of standards, benchmarks, and technologies that help propel continued improvements in supercomputing performance.