ALCF Lighthouse Initiative

By forging partnerships with academic institutions, this initiative aims to broaden the ALCF user community and engage with the next generation of computing professionals. 

lighthouse initiative

The ALCF Lighthouse Initiative is designed to expand the ALCF user community by forging enduring partnerships with academic institutions. The initiative will broaden the ALCF’s reach and foster engagement with the next generation of computing professionals. The goal is to propel computational science forward through a multifaceted approach that enriches both the academic and scientific communities.

Lighthouse Institutions receive a Director's Discretionary allocation and training on ALCF machines to support university researchers who want to scale their science to leadership-class systems.

Benefits from Partnering

  • Learn how ALCF resources and expertise can support and advance your institution's research involving high-performance computing and AI.
  • Access to ALCF's production resources for university faculty and staff to continue to scale their science.
  • Opportunities for students to engage with the ALCF through research and internships.

ALCF Engagement and Contributions

  • Onboarding and specialized training events for Lighthouse Institution staff.
  • Dedicated ALCF point of contact to address inquiries and foster connections to assist Lighthouse staff in supporting university researchers with allocations.
  • Continuous support in aiding your university researchers.

The ALCF is currently partnering with select local universities for an initial pilot phase of the Lighthouse Initiative, with plans to expand it to more universities in the near future. As the program grows, there will be a strong focus on increasing access to researchers and students with less exposure to large HPC facilities like the ALCF.

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