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Hours: 9:00am-5:00pm CT M-F

The ALCF invites researchers from universities, government agencies, and industry who are prepared to accelerate scientific discovery.

Step 1: Request an allocation

The ALCF offers several allocation programs through which users can access our systems:

Step 2: Request an account

Users must establish an account on ALCF systems before they can access ALCF systems.

You can request an ALCF account on our accounts page.

Step 3: Connect and login

Your CRYPTOCard must be activated before its first usage to connect to ALCF systems. Call the ALCF Service Desk (630-252-3111 or 866-508-9181) to verify your identity and activate the token.

Login Instructions

Open an SSH client and enter the ssh command to login:

ssh [username]@[system]
  • If using a physical token, press the button on your CRYPTOCard to generate a one-time passcode. Enter the passcode onscreen, prepending it with your four-digit PIN.
  • If using a mobile token, enter your six-digit PIN in the mobile token application to generate a passcode. Enter the passcode onscreen.

Press Enter.

Step 4: Learn to use our systems

  • View the specifications of our computational systems
  • Set up your environment
  • Review data transfer options
  • Explore compiling and job submission basics
  • Search software and performance tools.

Step 5: Read our policies

Familiarize yourself with the various policies and procedures for ALCF users.

Step 6: Discover our training opportunities

We host workshops and videoconferences providing instruction in the latest tools, computational systems, and services we provide in support of scientific discovery.