ALCF AI Testbed

The ALCF AI Testbed provides an infrastructure for the next-generation of AI-accelerator machines. 

The AI Testbed aims to help evaluate the usability and performance of machine learning-based high-performance computing applications running on these accelerators. The goal is to better understand how to integrate with existing and upcoming supercomputers at the facility to accelerate science insights.

We are currently offering allocations on our Groq, Graphcore Bow IPUs, Cerebras CS-2, and SambaNova DataScale systems. 


Access and Support

Our AI accelerator systems are available to the research community with proven problems to solve. Researchers can now submit project proposals for the Groq, Graphcore, Cerebras CS-2 and SambaNova DataScale platforms via the ALCF’s Director’s Discretionary program. There is no submission deadline; proposals will be accepted throughout the year. Access to additional testbed resources, including Graphcore, Groq, and Habana accelerators, will be announced at a later date. 

To apply for time, submit a proposal: Allocation Request Form

More about how to use our AI Testbed: AI Testbed User Guides

Learn how to leverage our AI Testbed: AI Testbed Training

Please contact with any questions.