User Action Needed: Git SSH Access to Be Completely Moved to Port 2222

As a result of these changes to GitLab's SSH access, users of ALCF-managed GitLab instances (,,, and need to take action to ensure continued communication between GitLab and local clones via commands like "git pull".
ACTION NEEDED: Update your git remote URLs to match the one listed in the GitLab interface. This must be done for each project and each location you've cloned your repositories to. Failure to do so will mean an inability to update repositories. The following command, run in your local clone of the repository will update the remote URL, where <new_url> is the SSH clone URL shown in the GitLab UI: git remote set-url origin <new_url>
The location of the SSH clone URL is shown in the GitLab web interface under the "Code" button on each project's main page. Please contact with any questions or concerns.