NOTICE: Changes due to new Globus Connect Server v5

On Monday November 13, 2023, the ALCF will move the Globus endpoint for HPSS (alcf#dtn_hpss) to a new Globus Connect Server v5 (GCSv5) collection. 

The UUID for the new collection will be bed0e34e-c7fa-4e8c-b291-8f70e634371e, and any CLI or API code will need to be updated to use the new UUID. Active transfers that are running during the switch on November 13 will be allowed to run to completion.

On November 13, the new GCSv5 endpoint will take the name alcf#dtn_hpss, and the existing GCSv4 alcf#dtn_hpss will be renamed to alcf#dtn_hpss_gcsv4. alcf#dtn_hpss_gcsv4 will remain available until Globus ends support and allows time to transition any automated data flows.

After the transition to GCSv5, there will no longer be a separate login page for alcf#dtn_hpss; it will use the same login page as all of our other alcf# endpoints.

NOTE: On December 18, the support for Globus Connect v4 (GCSv4) will end, and alcf#dtn_hpss_gcsv4 will stop working.

There is a one-time operation that only needs to be performed the first time you use the collection in the Globus File Manager.
- You will be prompted with an "Authentication/Consent Required" page. Click "Continue"
- On the "Identity Required" page, select your identity from the list
- Next, click "Allow" to give consent for the Globus Web App to manage transfers and access data

For those of you that use the Globus API to perform transfers, Globus has provided an application migration guide that details the differences here:

Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.