Coming Soon: Community Data Sharing for All Active ALCF Projects

We will soon enable the capability to share project data with external collaborators for all active ALCF projects on Grand and Eagle. Important note: Having the capability to share does not mean that project data will be shared automatically. It simply means that you can share if you choose to without asking us to enable it. If you'd like to share project data, project PIs must take action to make it available. Project PIs can learn how to share data via Globus Guest Collections, see:;!!G_uCfscf7eWS!ZrhaS00CuCBDd7Ei9E0Kl-cL1bU6jUN4Mu58uOdWHd81zC-bVt7lbwDLudEqvIIuXI8FO8q_XFIvbHFvOMjyBr_OYzEwT-k$ . We believe this change will make it easier for project teams to share their data with the scientific community if they choose.