DNS Reference Data for Turbulence Model Development on the Bachalo-Johnson ATB

PI Koen Hillewaert, Cenaero
Project Description

Today, the design and optimization of most internal and external flows rely on low-fidelity, statistically averaged turbulence models, commonly known as RANS. RANS are the most accurate approach currently affordable to industry. The limited availability of high-quality reference data on complex flows hinders improvement of RANS, or further turbulence model development.

To generate an exhaustive database that can be used for not only the validation of turbulence models, but also for their development and calibration, this project undertakes direct numerical simulations of the Bachalo-Johnson axisymmetric transonic bump at a Reynolds number of 1 million. This test case has been extensively used to validate turbulence models in the presence of shock-boundary layer interaction and shock-induced separation. The modeling of these phenomena is critical for aeronautical and aircraft engine companies.

An extensive DNS dataset, capable of reconstructing all RANS turbulence modeling terms, will be cross-validated using two codes of very different nature, and an extensive span-dependence study will be performed up to the full circumference.