ALCF Data Science Program

The ALCF Data Science Program (ADSP) supports data-intensive projects that require the scale and performance of leadership-class supercomputers.

ALCF Data Science Program

We have decided to sunset the ADSP program. It was instrumental in preparing researchers to embrace machine learning on traditional HPC systems.

The ADSP served the purpose of accelerating discovery across a broad range of scientific domains which require data-intensive and machine learning algorithms to address challenging research problems. The program connected researchers with ALCF scientists to push the state-of-the-art in machine learning, workflows, data analysis, and algorithmic development. 

The ADSP issued a regular call for proposals each year (in the spring). The program employed a competitive proposal process that awards allocations of time on ALCF supercomputers. All proposals were peer-reviewed by a panel of experts for both the scientific impact and computational readiness. ADSP allocations were for two years and were awarded to researchers from academia, government research facilities, and industry. PIs were required to submit a renewal application for the second year of the award.

For more details, please see the ADSP call information page. 

For a full list of past ADSP awards, see the project list.

Call Information

Available to researchers from universities, industry, and government agencies
Award size:
1-2 years (renewable)
Allocation cycle:
November - October
Call for proposals: