Vehicular Communication Over Named-Data Networking

Muktadir Chowdhury, University of Memphis
Autonomous vehicles

Abstract:  Autonomous vehicles must communicate with each other effectively and securely to make robust decisions. However, today’s Internet falls short in supporting efficient data delivery and strong data security, especially in a mobile ad-hoc environment. Named Data Networking (NDN), a new data-centric Internet architecture, provides a better foundation for secure data sharing among mobile nodes. We examine two potential threats, false data dissemination and vehicle tracking, in an NDN-based autonomous vehicular network. In addition to security, NDN’s data-centric approach to communication provides an adaptive forwarding plane and in-network data caching, which can be leveraged to address communication challenges in various mobile networks. We propose a forwarding strategy called Content Connectivity and Location-Aware Forwarding (CCLF) for NDN-based MANETs. CCLF broadcasts NDN packets and lets each node make independent decisions on whether to for-ward packets based on per-prefix performance measurements and any available geo-location information.

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