Using Perlmutter Training

Perlmutter Graphic

This 3-day training event on Jan 5 -7, 2022 provided jointly by HPE and NERSC staff is a continuation and extension of the June 2021 Perlmutter Introduction training, now focused more on using Perlmutter with hands-on exercises.  ALCF and OLCF users are invited to this training, and NERSC training accounts will be provided based on availability and time of registration. 

Day 1 will start with a brief recap and update of the Perlmutter hardware overview and programming environment, followed by building and running applications on Perlmutter. Day 2 will introduce the HPE profiling and debugging tools (on CPU mainly). Day 3 will cover GPU 101, GPU programming models overview, and using Jupyter, Python, ML/DL on Perlmutter. There will be hands-on exercises for each day.

This event will be presented online only using Zoom. 

For additional details and registration, visit the NERSC website.