Sustainable Energy Crop Production Systems for the Emerging Bioeconomy

Jules Cacho, Argonne National Laboratory

Abstract:  Maximizing the utilization of local biomass resources in the coming years is expected to meet the needs of a thriving future U.S. bioeconomy. The U.S. DOE Bioenergy Technologies Office, in a 2016 report, estimates that the nation has the potential to produce at least one billion dry tons of biomass annually by 2030 at a farmgate price of $60 per dry ton. One-third of this biomass quantity projection is expected to come from high-yielding energy crops. Growing energy crops sustainably is a challenge since our finite land resources are already under pressure to produce more food for the growing population and by urban and suburban development. This webinar will present agronomic and environmental performances of alternative energy crop production systems that can be adopted in forested and agricultural landscapes. The talk will also include an overview of on-going projects and future directions such as machine learning applications in this research area.

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