Surface Gravity Waves in Global Climate Models: Development, Evaluation and Optimization

Olawale Ikuyajolu, Georgia Institute of Technology
EVS Seminar Graphic

Surface gravity waves play a critical role in several processes, including mixing, coastal inundation, and surface fluxes. Despite the growing literature on their importance, wind–wave processes have traditionally been excluded from Earth system models partly due to knowledge gaps, the high computational costs of running spectral wave models, or both. Most wave modeling studies utilize uncoupled short-term model simulations and analyze changes solely within the upper ocean. The impacts of these changes on coupled climate variability and feedback into the simulation of wave properties are yet to be thoroughly evaluated.

To address some of these limitations, I will present our work on identifying and accelerating the computationally intensive portion of WAVEWATCH III on GPU using OpenACC. Secondly, I will discuss the impacts of replacing wind-speed dependent with wave-state dependent drag coefficient on the global climate, MJO, and wave properties in Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) long-term simulations.

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