Streamline AI Solutions for Data Generation & Large Language Models

Promod Pai, Intel
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Learn about the final set of open source AI reference kits, purpose-built to help you overcome the challenges of AI acceleration along the development pipeline.

Incorporating AI into an organization’s workloads or scaling up already-existing infrastructure is skill-heavy and computationally intensive, requiring the development of robust models trained on massive datasets and powerful GPUs on which to run them adequately.

Not every organization has the necessary resources to accomplish this.

This session focuses on a solution: a collection of open source AI reference kits from Accenture and Intel designed to make AI more accessible to organizations and optimized for improved training and inference time.

Specifically, the hour will be dedicated to the kits that target data generation and large language models: text data generation, image data generation, and voice data generation.

Key takeaways:

  • An introduction to these reference solutions, including how they address business-specific problems and speed up end-to-end AI pipelines with out-of-box optimizations
  • An overview of the kits designed for data generation and large language models
  • See one or more of the kits in action via a demo