Solve the Mystery of Performance Profiling

James Tullos, Intel

Performance optimization is a bit like solving a mystery: it can get tricky unless you know where to look. This session shines a light on a key profiling tool that helps you do exactly that, whether you’re targeting one or multiple architectures.

Performance analysis for applications, systems, and system configurations are intimately intertwined; each affects the other.

Intel® VTune™ Profiler was created to manage this type of full-spectrum evaluation, turning raw data into answers for for HPC, cloud, IoT, media, storage, and more.

In this session, Technical Consulting Engineer James Tullos will unpack the details, including:

  • How to use VTune Profiler on your application
  • Which types of analysis can help to uncover issues affecting the performance of your applications or system
  • Guidance on where to set up a project
  • Uncovering application behavior and tips for further analysis

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