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Yuzhen Liu / Special Function Neuron Network Model

Edward Friesema / Finding Balance: Implementing the IMPALA Algorithm on the Cartpole Problem

Trevor Teolis / Constrained PDE Optimization Problem with Learned Regularizer

Wisdom Ogala / Power Grid Frequency Prediction and Change Point Detection Using Machine Learning

Agnimitra Dasgupta / Uncertainty Quantification for Ptychography

Caleb Ju / Decentralized Distributed Optimization for Sum of Convex Functions

Sarah Strikwerda / Optimal Control Through Deformable Porous Media

Ugochukwu Ugwu / Application of Shampoo Algorithm to Ptychography

Xiaoqian Liu / Randomized Projections in Derivative-Free Optimization

Yunqi Luo / The Usage of Feasible Path Identification on General/Robust ACOPF

Sanket Jantre / Sequential Deep Ensembles of Sparse Bayesian Neural Networks


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