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Summer Students
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Please join us to virtually attend presentations by our LANS summer students.  


Speaker / Seminar Title:

Kelvin Kan / Spatial-Temporal Image Processing with Neumann Networks

Priyanka Rao / Modeling Power Grid Data Using an SPDE Approach

Damola Akinlana / Spatio-Temporal Characterization of Traffic Flow Around O'Hare

Tianyi Shi / Stochastic Tensor Optimization Methods for Linear Least Squares Problems

Tobi Popoola / Embedding Linear Algebra in C/C++

Lukas Spies / NekBench Kernel Performance on GPUs

Sanket Jantre / X-Ray Transmission Tomographic Inversion - Tensor Regression Approach

Sheng Lei / Continuum Model of Power Systems for Electromechanical Wave Propagation Studies

Misha Padidar / Optimal Design of Particle Accelerators



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