Reduction Operations in oneAPI Using SYCL and/or oneDPL

Henry Gabb, Intel

Learn how to do reduction operations in oneAPI using SYCL or oneDPL and learn the advantages of each approach.

Reduction is a common parallel pattern that reduces several values to a single value. For example, a summation reduction adds the values in an array to get a single sum. Finding the minimum or maximum value in an array, or the locations of those values, are also reduction operations.

SYCL provides a built-in reduction operator that can be used in parallel kernels. And the Intel® oneAPI DPC++ Library (oneDPL) provides functions for reduction operations.

There are valid reasons for using one or the other approach.

This webinar will:

  • Use code samples to illustrate the SYCL reduction operator and oneDPL reduction functions
  • Discuss the relative merits of each approach in terms of coding and data-transfer complexity and separation of concerns