Quantum Science Applications: From the Quantum Internet to Quantum Gravity

Anthony Brady, Louisiana State University
Calculating the Benefits of Exascale and Quantum Computers

Abstract: The budding of quantum science and technologies has sparked the intrigue of the scientific community, industry, and lay-people alike and promises to play a transformative role in the years to come. In this talk, I will give just a taste of this intrigue and scientific diversity that quantum science brings. I will discuss the construction of the future “quantum internet” by means of a satellite entanglement distribution network, which allows for secure quantum-communication as well as high-precision timing applications. I will then turn a corner and discuss the applications of quantum technologies to fundamental physics, with focus on a particular example: simulation of quantum gravity on a near-term linear-optical quantum simulator. There are many roads to be paved by quantum technologies, from the quantum internet to quantum gravity, from the applied to the fundamental. It is a good time to go quantum.

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