Overview of Aurora's Exascale Compute Blade

Servesh Muralidharan, ALCF
ALCF Developer Session Feb 2024 Graphic - features text "ALCF Developer Session", the date of the webinar "02/28/2024", and a picture of Aurora.

Join us on February 28, 2024, for a webinar on Aurora's exascale compute blade. Led by ALCF's Servesh Muralidharan, the session will cover details of its components, and the flow of data between them, to help application developers maximize code performance on the architecture.

Servesh Muralidharan currently works in the Performance Engineering team focusing on Aurora deployment at ALCF. His research interests include performance characterization and features exploration of modern many core architectures and how they could help improve overall compute efficiency. He previously worked as a Senior Fellow at CERN IT department. His work involved investigating performance optimizations suitable for HEP computations performed by the various experiments at CERN. Dr. Muralidharan completed his PhD in computer science from Trinity College Dublin in 2015 followed by a Postdoc at ICHEC, Ireland’s national supercomputing center before starting his fellowship at CERN.