Operational Decisions in Planning for Public Transport

Narayan Rangaraj, IIT Bombay
LANS Seminar Graphic

An survey of operations planning in public transport systems is presented, with applications from suburban rail and metro systems in India and elsewhere.  We cover timetabling, rolling stock planning and crew planning, with examples of constraint systems, optimization and simulation in these areas.We also present the eigenmodel proposed by Schoebel in 2017 and the example of the integrative software planning tool LinTim, and the efforts of our research group at IIT Bombay in suburban rail and metro systems in India.  A useful framework is the Periodic Event Scheduling Problem (PESP) for some aspects of planning.

Bio: Narayan Rangaraj has been on faculty of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at IIT Bombay since 1990.  He teaches in the area of applied operations research in public transport, rail services, supply chain management and health care.  Apart from IIT Bombay, he has spent time with Indian Railways, IIT Guwahati, National University of Singapore and ITWM (Fraunhofer Insitute of Industrial and Applied Mathematics) – Kaiserslautern, Germany over the years.  He is a Fellow of the Operational Research Society of India. 

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