Machine Learning: A Catalyst for Sustainable Futures

Yempabe Samuel Noupokou, Dermbridge
CLS Seminar Graphic

Our societies face a myriad of intertwined challenges that demand innovative solutions. These challenges directly impact individuals, communities, and the environment, spanning various sectors including healthcare, education, energy, and agriculture. Owing to the remarkable technological advancements of our era, machine learning has become ubiquitous in our daily lives, offering a unique opportunity to create a lasting, positive impact. With the aim of providing insights into the transformative role of machine learning in addressing some of the most pressing societal issues, this seminar explores the application of machine learning as a solution in two critical sectors: healthcare and energy. In healthcare, I present a case study on the use of machine learning as a diagnostic tool, assisting clinicians, reducing diagnostic errors, and improving patient outcomes. In the energy sector, the discussion will focus on how machine learning impacts energy consumption patterns, facilitates smart grid management, and enhances sustainability.

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