Introducing Visualization on Polaris

Joseph Insley, ALCF
Silvio Rizzi, ALCF
Victor Mateevitsi, ALCF
Janet Knowles, ALCF
ALCF Developer Session Jan 2024 Graphic

Join us on January 31, 2024 for a webinar that will provide an overview of visualization on ALCF's Polaris system presented by the ALCF Visualization and Data Analysis Team: Joseph Insley, Silvio Rizzi, Victor Mateevitsi and Janet Knowles

With the retirement of Cooley as our dedicated visualization resource, all of our visualization workflows are moving to Polaris.  This webinar will inform users about the various visualization tools available on Polaris and demonstrate their use in this new environment.  Users with active ALCF accounts will have the opportunity to follow along and use the tools themselves. Users planning to participate in hands-on activities should have ParaView and VisIt clients installed on their local resources.