Gyrokinetic Simulations of Nuclear Fusion Plasmas in 3D Devices

Javier Hernandez- Nicolau, University of California
LCF Seminar Graphic

The gyrokinetic toroidal code (GTC) is presented in this seminar with some of my main contributions and applications. GTC is a particle-in-cell (PIC) code used to study multi-scale physics in nuclear fusion plasmas. The main equations, the numerical algorithm and its parallelization is discussed. The PIC approach in fusion plasmas may be computationally demanding due the necessary high number of particles (order of billions) but it shows very good scaling in parallel systems. The code was recently optimized to use GPUs using OpenACC directives and has been ported to Perlmutter and Summit (and currently being ported to Frontier). Thanks to the GPU offloading, yielding to 20 times faster calculations, we have been able to simulate microturbulence in three-dimensional nuclear fusion devices called stellarators.

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