Find CPU & GPU Performance Headroom Using Roofline Analysis

Cedric Andreolli, Intel
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Find CPU & GPU Performance Headroom Using Roofline Analysis

Your programs are only as awesome as their ability to capitalize on the hardware power they’re deployed on. Join this webinar to learn how a free Intel analysis tool can uncover hardware-imposed performance ceilings and help you kick them to the curb.

Understanding how hardware-imposed performance ceilings impact your code can be a pain in the … ummm … can be challenging. Commonly, developers struggle to assess the optimization tradeoffs between memory bottlenecks and compute utilization for both CPU and/or GPU code.

Enter Intel® Advisor and its Roofline Analysis feature, a visual representation of application performance in relation to hardware limitations, including memory bandwidth and computational peaks.

Join Technical Consulting Engineer and HPC programming expert Cedric Andreolli for a session covering:

  • How to perform GPU headroom and GPU caches locality analysis using Advisor Roofline extensions for oneAPI and OpenMP
  • An introduction to a new memory-level Roofline feature that helps pinpoint which specific memory level (L1, L2, L3, or DRAM) is causing the bottleneck
  • A walkthrough of Intel Advisor’s improved user interface

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