A Discussion Criteria to Understand Visual Change in Offshore Wind Projects and Rivers After Dam Removal

Jordan Secter, AECOM
Water spills over the top of Englebright Dam on the Yuba River.


Abstract:  When working on the restoration of a campground as part of a FERC relicensing project, addressing river recreation access after dam removal, or evaluating  visual change of an offshore wind farm development, consideration must be given to how baseline studies are initiated and evaluated. In my experience each project deals with similar issues in the scoping phase of the project; who should be involved, what is the area of potential effect and what are the criteria needed for analyzing baseline. In this seminar I will illustrate  the concept of future baseline as it relates to offshore wind developments, its relationship to the BOEM VIA methodology,  and the crosswalk to public engagement.  I will also present the River Access Planning Guide, a decision-making framework for river access;” a step-by-step procedure using core- elements to evaluate existing and anticipated uses, selecting sites, design facilities that support the aesthetic setting  while meeting the desired recreation experiences. 



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