Design of Protected Superconducting Qubits: A Journey to Fight Against Noise

Xinyuan You, Northwestern University

Abstract: Richard Feynman’s proposal to simulate nature with a quantum-mechanical computer inspired worldwide interest in the field of quantum computing. Among many different approaches, I will focus on the hardware realization based on superconducting circuits, which have the advantage of fast gate operation times. However, due to the interaction with the solid-state environment, the coherence times of superconducting qubits are relatively short and further improvements are required to implement fault-tolerant error-correction codes. To protect qubits against decoherence from various noise sources, it is crucial to identify the noise properties, quantify the effects of noise on qubits, and finally design qubits protected from noise. In this talk, I will provide an example of each of the above-mentioned three steps, and present our recent design proposal of a protected superconducting qubit.

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