Data Platform to Enable Autonomous Scientific Discovery

Anthony Avarca, NST
Supercomputer showdown

The Self-Driving Lab LDRD Seminar Series is designed to give students and staff a sneak peek at the lab’s latest in state-of-the-art autonomous design, including a new, highly interactive rapid prototyping laboratory, autonomous robots, and exciting opportunities in scientific and technological directions. In the next session of our 7-week series, Dr. Anthony Avarca, (NST), will present “Data Platform to Enable Autonomous Scientific Discovery” on Thursday, September 16, 2021, 10:00 a.m. on Zoom.

To enable autonomous synthesis and characterization platforms there is an urgent need to develop a data infrastructure that can manage and analyze the heterogeneous datasets that will be produced at massive volume and rapid rate. Success in autonomous experiments will critically depend on our ability to store, process, and analyze data to provide real-time feedback. In this Seminar, we will share our progress on building the Research Data Management (RDM) and Data Catalog applications as part of the Argonne Discovery Cloud (ADC) platform.