BSC, MareNostrum and its Data Center

Sergi Girona, Barcelona Supercomputing
CELS-11092022 Graphic

In 2019, the EuroHPC selected the Barcelona Supercomputing Center as host of one of the largest supercomputers in Europe, MareNostrum 5; this new MareNostrum will be a pre-exascale machine, with a peak performance of more than 200 petaflops, 17 times higher than the present MareNostrum 4 and 10,000 times superior to the supercomputer that initiated the saga in 2004: MareNostrum 1.

The talk will be about how a data center with the necessary features to host an infrastructure of such magnitude is being prepared -with the problems and solutions involved-, a magnitude that exceeds the current capacities of Torre Girona Chapel. It will be also about the features of the future MareNostrum 5 and its development plan.