Boeing’s Applied Math Group, 25 Years of the Model Management Framework, and Parametric Geometry Generation

Joerg Gablonsky, Boeing Technical Fellow
Craig Bosma, Boeing Associate Technical Fellow
LANS Seminar Graphic

In this talk we will be providing a short overview of the Boeing Applied Mathematics Group, which is one of the largest dedicated mathematics groups in industry. We will describe why Boeing has such a group, and the mathematical domains we are active in. The next part of the talk will focus on optimization in industry, and especially the model management framework that was developed at Boeing with some academic partners to enable simulation-based Design Space Exploration. We will also discuss our latest implementation of the Model Management Framework in Boeing’s Design Explorer software. Parametric geometry generation is another key area of mathematical research within Boeing, and we will briefly survey the many settings where robust geometry capabilities are required to solve industrial problems. We will introduce GEODUCK, the tool we have developed to address these needs, including applications where geometry generation is coupled with the aforementionedDesign Space Exploration. Before concluding the presentation with some ideas on possible collaborations we will review one of Boeing’s research projects exploring how to use Quantum computing to solve some of the complex combinatorial optimization problems arising within Boeing. 

Speaker Bios: Joerg Gablonsky is a Boeing Technical Fellow, Technical Lead for the numerical optimization group in the Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T) Applied Mathematics Combined Technology Team, and the Chair of the Enterprise HPC Council. As Chair of the Enterprise HPC Council (EHPCC) he focuses on bringing together HPC users, HPC application developers, IT Business Success Partners, Finance, and HPC service providers from across the enterprise to provide strategic guidance to the Enterprise HPC Service (EHPCS). As the Numerical Optimization Technical Lead Joerg leads and develops a world class team of applied optimization specialists, and supports Boeing teams in applying the best optimization methods to their problems. This includes help with problem formulation as well as understanding of limitations in existing methods and software. His team develops unique mathematical methods and implements them in Boeing software to address those gaps. Joerg received his PhD from North Carolina State University in 2001, and has been with Boeing since then.

Craig Bosma is a Boeing Associate Technical Fellow in Boeing Research & Technology (BR&T) Applied Mathematics with 18 years of experience in industry developing high-performance numerical codes for parametric design & optimization, gridding, structural analysis, CFD, and simulation. He co-leads the development of Boeing’s parametric geometry tools, and is also the deputy chair of Boeing’s Enterprise HPC Council, where he works with engineers across the company to optimize use of HPC resources, advising on porting codes to accelerators/GPUs. 

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