Aurora COE Virtual Workshop 3

Aurora Early Science Program

The ALCF is hosting the third workshop in the Center of Excellence (COE) training series for Argonne's upcoming exascale system, Aurora.


Aurora COE Virtual Workshop 3 (Invitation Only)

The Aurora COE Virtual Workshop 3 will be a two-part event focused on applications and software development for Argonne’s Aurora exascale system. The first part will take place October 21-22, 2020, and the second part will be held on November 5, 2020.

    This is an invitation-only workshop for researchers participating in the ALCF's Aurora Early Science Program and DOE's Exascale Computing Project. Please note that your institution must have an RSNDA agreement with Intel and you must be listed on our Multiparty Authorization Agreement (MPA) for you to be allowed to attend the workshop.

    Workshop topics will include:

    • Overview and update on Aurora
    • Aurora programming models (DPC++, OpenMP, Kokkos, RAJA)
    • Aurora frameworks and libraries for math, data, and learning
    • Performance tools and evaluation
    • Portability across exascale systems
    • Developer highlights: experiences with tools, programming models, and porting
    • Hands-on time to develop, test, and profile your codes using the latest Aurora software development kit (SDK) on our JLSE DG1 and other systems in consultation with Intel and Argonne experts