Altair Future.Industry 2024 Presentation

William (Bill) Allcock, ALCF Director of Operations
Image of Aurora and Bill Allcock

Workload Management at the ALCF Including Aurora - One of the Fastest Supercomputers in the World

At Altair Future.Industry 2024 conference, Bill will give a presentation on how the Department of Energy (DOE) funds research in the US and the DOE National Laboratory System, of which Argonne is a part, and then we will discuss our workload manager “journey” which has brought us to contributing to OpenPBS and running Altair PBS Professional and how we currently use it and some of our plans moving forward.


March 7 at 12:10pm CST

Day 2 Parallel Tracks/Track 3: “Revolutionizing HPC in the Era of AI and Cloud

More information can be found on Altair’s virtual global event website.

Free to attend, but registration is required.