AI x Mathematics

Petar Velickovic, DeepMind
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For the past few years, we have been intensively collaborating with mathematicians from Oxford and the University of Sydney. As a product of this collaboration, we have successfully demonstrated that analyzing and interpreting the outputs of (graph) neural networks -- trained on carefully chosen problems of interest -- can directly assist mathematicians with proving difficult theorems and conjecturing new approaches to long-standing open problems. Specifically, using our method we have independently derived novel top-tier mathematical results in areas as diverse as representation theory and knot theory.

By doing so, we present AI as the mathematician's "pocket calculator of the 21st century". The significance of our result has been recognized by the journal Nature, where our work featured on the cover page.

In this talk, I aim to tell you all about our findings, from a personal perspective. Expect key details of our modelling work + an account of how it felt to interact with top mathematicians.

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