AI for Science and Humanities Research at the Alan Turing Institute

Jonathan Rowe, The Alan Turing Institute
The Alan Turing Instittute

Abstract:  This will be a non-technical overview of the work at the Alan Turing Institute on applying the methods of AI and Data Science in various areas of science and humanities research. I will briefly introduce the Turing, its history and structure, and describe the work we have been doing in collaboration with other Research Institutes and University Labs around the UK. This will cover areas such as plant biology, climate science, molecular imaging, materials, fine art and history. I believe there is a tremendous potential for AI to transform the way in which research is conducted, opening up new areas of discovery and helping to address complex inter-disciplinary challenges. I will describe some of the major possibilities for future research.

Bio:  Jon Rowe studied a degree in Mathematics and a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Exeter. He has recently become Chair and Principal Investigator of the £38.8million ​“AI for Science and Government” programme (at the Turing) and Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor for Strategic Projects at the University of Birmingham.