2022 ALCF Simulation, Data, and Learning Workshop

2022 SDLWksp Graphic

The ALCF's annual Simulation, Data, and Learning Workshop will be held virtually October 4-6, 2022. The interactive workshop is aimed at researchers with near-term goals of applying for a major allocation award.

The ALCF's Simulation, Data, and Learning Workshop is designed to help researchers improve the performance and productivity of simulation, data science, and machine learning applications on ALCF systems. Workshop participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Work directly with ALCF staff experts during dedicated hands-on sessions
  • Learn how to use available tools and frameworks to improve productivity
  • Test and debug codes with exclusive system reservations on ALCF computing resources
  • Get assistance with Director's Discretionary projects to help prepare for a major allocation award
  • Improve application performance for current ALCF projects
  • Plan ahead for 2023-2024 allocation proposal submissions


Note: Registrants will be reviewed for experience level and will be asked to provide goals for attending.

If you have any questions, please contact us at sdl-workshop@alcf.anl.gov