2021 ALCF Aurora Workshop

2021 ALCF Aurora Workshop

2021 ALCF Aurora Workshop

October 26-27 + December 7-9, 2021

The ALCF is hosting a two-part workshop for Argonne's upcoming exascale system, Aurora

  • Part One (Oct. 26-27, 2021) will provide updates and guidance on advancing applications and software development for Aurora. 
  • Part Two (Dec. 7-9, 2021) will provide significant hands-on opportunities for performance analysis and optimization of applications.

This is an invitation-only workshop for researchers participating in the ALCF's Aurora Early Science Program and DOE's Exascale Computing Project. Please note that your institution must have an CNDA agreement with Intel and you must be listed on our Multiparty Authorization Agreement (MPA) for you to be allowed to attend the workshop.


- Foreign Nationals: October 1, 2021
- U.S. Citizens: October 6, 2021


Part One (Oct. 26-27)

Aurora system update:
- Overview and updates on Aurora hardware
- Overview and updates on Aurora software

Aurora applications:
- Survey of approaches to Aurora readiness
- Performance and portability across multiple GPU platforms
- Preparing applications to use multiple GPUs on a node

Performance evaluation tutorials:
- Using Intel VTune
- Using Intel Advisor

Programming models and frameworks tracks:
- Track 1: OpenMP Target Offload
- Track 2: DPC++ and SYCL
- Track 3: AI frameworks and software

Part Two (Dec. 7-9)

- Hands-on with Aurora testbed hardware
- Highlights of recent progress with applications