Cerebras AI Training Workshop

Cerebras AI Training Workshop

This training workshop will introduce users to the novel AI accelerators deployed at the ALCF AI Testbed. This workshop is targeted at universities, national labs, and industries working on open science.

This training session will introduce users to the Cerebras CS-2 system architecture and software stack. It will provide hands-on training to get started on the CS-2 system in the ALCF AI Testbed. The event will be virtual and the sessions will be recorded and made available. 

Day 1 will focus on Cerebras CS-2 hardware and software architecture, running models on the CS-2 system at ALCF AI Testbed.

Day 2 will focus on a deep dive into Large Language Models (LLMs) on CS-2, hands-on session, and best practices.

To Access ALCF machines please apply here:

Specify the following in your request:

  • Project Name:  cs2_training
  • Principal Investigator (PI):  Venkatram Vishwanath