Emily R. Shemon

Emily R. Shemon

Principal Nuclear Engineer


Argonne National Laboratory
9700 South Cass Avenue
Building 240 - Rm. 2133
Lemont, Illinois  60439

Emily Shemon is a Principal Nuclear Engineer based in the Nuclear Science & Engineering Division (Energy and Global Security Directorate). She holds a joint appointment on the Leadership Computing Facility’s Catalyst Team in the Computational Science Division (Computing, Environment, and Life Sciences Directorate). She holds a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences from the University of Michigan (2011), as well as M.S.E. and B.S.E. degrees in the same field and from same university. Her dissertation research focused on the development of hybrid Monte Carlo – deterministic computational neutronics methods for solving radiation transport problems in nuclear reactors. She joined Argonne’s NSE Division as a staff member following completion of her doctoral degree in 2011, and joined ALCF less than a year later.

As a computational nuclear engineer, her research focuses on advanced modeling and simulation of nuclear reactors. She is a developer and user of high-fidelity neutron transport solvers which leverage high performance computing resources, focusing on application to advanced reactor concepts such as liquid metal-cooled fast reactors. She also coordinates several activities to enhance modeling and simulation capabilities of multiphysics nuclear reactor phenomena as part of the DOE-NE Advanced Modeling and Simulation Program. As part of her cross-directorate appointment, she engages with ALCF nuclear energy users and ensures computational projects in the energy research domain utilize resources effectively to achieve their science.