Bharat Kale

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Postdoctoral Appointee

9700 South Cass Avenue, Bldg 240

Lemont, IL 60439

Bharat Kale is a computer science graduate with a Ph.D. from Northern Illinois University. After working as a software developer in IT for more than 5 years, he joined NIU computer science for higher studies. His research journey started at ddiLab in NIU where he worked on various visualization projects. His dissertation explores visualization techniques for a special type of networks called multivariate networks and their applicability across scientific domains. His research aims to augment human’s analytical skills with novel interactive visualizations for exploration and sense-making. His work combines visual analytics, HCI, and AI with a variety of application domains. Bharat will be interfacing between DSL and ALCF contributing to the efforts of visual AI for large language models.