Theta Early Science Program

The previous ESP phase targeted Theta, a system based on Intel’s second-generation Xeon Phi processor, delivered to ALCF in late 2016.

Theta serves as a bridge between the ALCF’s other production system, Mira, and Aurora, an exascale system slated for delivery in 2021.

The Theta ESP call for proposals was open from April 22 - May 22, 2015, and projects were selected in July 2015. For details, see the Theta ESP project announcement.

For a list of Theta ESP awards, view the project list.

The Theta and Aurora Early Science Programs are based on the ALCF's highly successful Mira ESP.

ALCF Theta ESP Technical Reports

These reports document the computational efforts and lessons learned in preparing the projects' applications to run on Theta. These Argonne/ALCF reports may form the basis of journal/conference publications:

ALCF Theta Early Science Program Presentations at IXPUG 2016

Multiple projects from the ALCF Theta Early Science Program gave presentations at the 2016 IXPUG Annual U.S. Meeting on preparing applications for Theta:

Several other talks related indirectly, with ALCF contribution: