Adaptive DDES of a Vertical Tail/Rudder Assembly with Active Flow Control

PI Kenneth Jansen, University of Colorado, Boulder
Instantaneous isosurface of vorticity (Q) from a detached eddy simulation of a vertical tail/rudder assembly
Project Description

This effort builds upon multiple INCITE and Early Science Program campaigns where computational models of a vertical tail and rudder assembly with 12 synthetic jets were validated against experiments at a Reynolds number of 3.5e5, 53 times smaller than flight conditions. Using Mira and Theta, researchers will perform a suite of similar simulations at two- and four-times higher Reynolds number comparing synthetic jets and sweeping jets at two different spacings. This will provide the insight required to use exascale computing to carry out the first-ever flight Reynolds number delayed detached eddy simulation validated against experiments. Flow simulations of unprecedented scale and complexity are made possible by combining a highly scalable computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solver with anisotropically adapted unstructured grids on Mira and Theta.