Using Intel AI Kit and XGBoost for Predictive Modeling


Get hands on experience using the Intel® oneAPI Analytics Toolkit (AI Kit) to explore predictive modeling techniques based on decision trees. This workshop takes popular decision-tree algorithms—useful for regression and classification tasks—and addresses the challenge of handling training when data sizes increase.

Starting with a basic decision tree and advancing to techniques that balance the tradeoffs of speed and accuracy, we'll explore the ways that Intel AI Kit improves implementations of predictive modeling.

Intel® DevCloud will be used to show how these algorithms are implemented.

The objectives of the workshop include:

  • Learn the capabilities of Intel AI Kit and its offerings
  • Discover three separate ways to install and use the Intel AI Kit
  • Review the fundamentals of decision trees and see how to create them using Intel AI Kit
  • Explore advanced forms of decision trees and their advantages
  • See how the performance features of XGBoost can accelerate operations with minimal sacrifice of accuracy