IXPUG Annual Conference 2023

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IXPUG Annual Conference 2023 is a two-day gathering of HPC and AI experts featuring keynotes, tech talks, lightning talks, site updates, and more. The event welcomes software developers, scientists, researchers, academics, systems analysts, students, and end-users who want to share with and learn from our vibrant, global community via technical discussion and networking. 

With the growing convergence of HPC and AI, challenges surrounding application performance and scalability will be covered across all levels, including tuning and optimization of diverse sets of applications on HPC systems. 

Topics are wide-ranging, including system hardware beyond the processor (memory, interconnects, etc.), accelerators (e.g., GPUs, AI accelerators, FPGAs), as well as topics related to oneAPI, tools, programming models, HPC and AI workloads, and more. Key themes: High performance computing, heterogeneous computing, artificial intelligence, visualization, memory, I/O, and storage.

The event will feature multiple sessions related to the ALCF’s Aurora exascale supercomputer.

  • Keynote Talk: Tuning for Aurora
    Presenter: Abhishek Bagusetty, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Lightning Talk: Path to Exascale Material Simulation on Aurora Supercomputer
    Presenter: Ye Luo, Argonne National Laboratory
    Co-Authors: Thomas Applencourt, Argonne National Laboratory; Jeongnim Kim, Intel
  • Tech Talk: Porting RT-TDDFT Codes for GPU Accelerated Architectures
    Presenter: Taufeq Mohammed Razakh, University of Southern California
    Co-Authors: Ye Luo, Argonne National Laboratory; Aiichiro Nakano, University of Southern California
  • Site Update: Argonne National Laboratory
    Presenter: David Martin, Argonne National Laboratory