ALCF AI for Science Training Series

ALCF AI for Science

The convergence of artificial intelligence (AI) and high-performance computing (HPC) is transforming science and engineering as we know it, empowering researchers with new tools and capabilities to accelerate discoveries and innovation. To realize the full potential of AI for science, the ALCF is committed to training and mentoring a diverse, new generation of AI practitioners and innovators.

Building on the ALCF's robust training program in the areas of AI and HPC, we are hosting a series of hands-on AI for Science courses that will teach attendees to use leading-edge supercomputers to develop and apply AI solutions for the world's most challenging problems.

This training series is aimed at undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at U.S. universities. 

Each session occurs on Thursdays from 3-5 p.m. US CT. Webinars are recorded and posted shortly after each event.

Topics for Phase I

  • Introduction to AI training on ThetaGPU Supercomputer
  • Machine learning
  • Introduction to deep learning
  • Data pipelines for deep learning
  • Advanced AI applications. Image and time-series datasets
  • GANS, Autoencoders and TensorRT
  • Reinforced learning, uncertainty quantification
  • Distributed training
  • Physics-inspired AI
  • Geometric Deep Learning and Hyperparameter Optimization
  • FAIR AI models


Registration has closed. Please check back for recordings of each session.