Theta Disk Quota

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Disk quotas are enabled on Theta project directories. Theta shares the same home file system with Mira/Cetus, located at /gpfs/mira-home where quotas are also enforced. But Theta has its own project file system separate from Mira/Cetus.   Details on the home file system are listed in File Systems.  Following are descriptions and examples for the home file system and the Theta projects file system

Home Directory Quotas

By default, each home directory is assigned a default of 100GB. File ownership determines disk space usage.

Project Directory Quotas

On the Lustre project file system (/lus/theta-fs0), each project is given the quota approved during the allocation period.

The amount of data stored below the /lus/theta-fs0/projects/PROJECT_NAME directory cannot exceed this quota. Unixgroup ownership counts toward the project directory quota. The total data usage under the project directory is used to calculate the disk quota.

To check project quota usage on the Lustre file system, enter this command specifying the unixgroup and project directory as follows.

joconne@thetalogin1:~> lfs quota -g Operations /projects/Operations/

Disk quotas for group Operations (gid 1279):

Filesystem  kbytes   quota                      limit                   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
                        740        1073741824          1181116006        -           4       0           0       -

The -h option can help make the output easier to read (e.g. reporting usage in Terabytes).

> lfs quota -h -g catalyst /projects

Disk quotas for grp catalyst (gid 1044):
     Filesystem    used   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
      /projects   17.1T     20T     22T       - 2222419       0       0       -
gid 1044 is using default file quota setting


Quota Increases

If you need a quota increase for your project directory, please send an email to with the machine, project name, new quota amount and reason for the increase.