ThetaGPU Anaconda Modules Replaced

We have replaced all ThetaGPU conda/* modules (including all conda/pytorch/X and conda/tensorflow/X modules). Two new Anaconda environments have been built for the new CUDA libraries and are encapsulated in two new modules: conda/2021-06-26 and conda/2021-06-28. Both of these modules contain optimized installations of PyTorch, TensorFlow, Horovod, and DeepHyper in a unified environment. User software and scripts that depend on the old Anaconda modules should be updated to depend on a new module.

conda/2021-06-26 was built with recently tagged stable versions of the packages, and it can also be loaded by “module load conda/pytorch” and “module load conda/tensorflow”.
conda/2021-06-28 was built from the unstable development versions of PyTorch, TensorFlow, and DeepHyper; PyTorch DDP does not work in this module, at this time.

Note: neither of the new modules will work on the single-gpu queue compute node until it is transitioned over to the new OS and CUDA release.