Darshan 3.3.0 Available on Theta/ThetaGPU

The latest version Darshan, a scalable HPC I/O characterization tool, is now available on Theta and ThetaGPU. In addition to new features and bug fixes, the Darshan 3.3.0 release is the first version with AutoPerf support. For more information on the new Darshan release, visit:https://www.mcs.anl.gov/research/projects/darshan/2021/05/10/darshan-ve…. For details on using Darshan on Theta, visit:https://www.alcf.anl.gov/support-center/theta/darshan-theta. To use Darshan on ThetaGPU, visit: https://www.alcf.anl.gov/support-center/theta-and-thetagpu/darshan-thetagpu.