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VTune is an advanced profiling tool which helps optimize code for Intel architectures. VTune collects key profiling data, and presenting its findings through a powerful interface that simplifies interpretation and helps Aurora users focus on the most effective software optimizations—from computation and threading to memory and storage. Key features include:

  • CPU and GPU Analysis: Tune the entire application’s performance―not just the accelerated portion.
  • Optimize Offload: Tune offload performance on Intel PVC GPUs.
  • Multilingual: Profile Data Parallel C++ (DPC++), C, C++, Fortran, OpenCL, Python, or any combination.
  • Profile Threading, Memory, Persistent Memory, and Storage:  Access a wealth of analysis types to identify a wide variety of performance issues.
  • System or application: Get coarse-grained system data for an extended period or detailed results mapped to source code.
  • Power: Optimize performance while avoiding power- and thermal-related throttling.


Intel VTune

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